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TME is certified by Westinghouse to use its Thermalastic Epoxy Insulation system for its coils’ insulation and it is what makes TME Coil products far better from the others.


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Thermalastic®Epoxy Insulation

The Thermalastic ® insulation system was introduced by Westinghouse on large turbine generators in 1949. Since then it has become the most imitated system in the motor industry. Thermalastic ® Epoxy is a premium system, proven by more than 30 years of outstanding in-service performance and backed by continous development. All Westinhouse AC machines with operating voltages 380 V through 13.8 KV utilize the Thermalastic ® Epoxy post-impregnated system. In rare cases due to physical size limitations, a pre-impregnated system may be used.

The Thermalastic ® Epoxy insulation system is a mica-based system in that it uses mica for turn-to-turn insulation (when expected surge voltage is greater than surge withstand capability of straninsulation) and exclusively for ground insulation because of its outstanding dielectric properties. Mica was selected for this system because it has long been recognized as the most reliable insulating material available.

Post-impregnation assures the reliability of this system. All of the components— fully insulated stator coils, coil-to-coil connections and bracing system parts—are completely installed into the stator before the entire unit is vacuum pressure impregnated in the Thermalastic ® Epoxy resin. This procedure makes it possible to achieve the highest degree of resin fill of the various winding components, helping them develop their best electrical and mechanical properties.

The Thermalastic ® insulation system for Westinghouse AC machines is a class F insulation system. Class F insulation provides a comfortable operating thermal margin over Class B temperatures generally specified by customers. Westinghouse insulation systems have been through rigorous testing, including ANSI/IEEE 275, and tests for electrical strength, voltage endurance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, thermal cycling, mechanical strength, and abrasion resistance.


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Loop Winding - Winding of the coil strands according to the specifications.

Hot Pressing - Hot pressing of the straight part of the coils. The hot melt adhesive is part of the mica tape used for the insulation of the conductors.

Spreading/Forming - Spreading of the looped coils to form it according to the specifications.

Taping - Applying the main wall insulation tape in the straight part and about half of the evolvents.

Finished Product


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Types of Layer Insulations

Motor Windings

Form Coil - With rectangular wires, world series can be used.

Random Wound - With enamel wire used in low voltage only.

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